Autism Aligned Association (AAA) is dedicated to empowering special needs professional and caregivers of autistic persons.

Josephine Wambua

Josephine is a co-founder of Autism Aligned Association (AAA) and community mobilizer par excellence. She actively briefs stakeholders on correct information related to autism and arranges the provision of all resources (human and materiel) needed for parents and caregivers to help individuals with autism. Josephine is adept at stimulating members of the autism community to participate in initiatives and activities that will promote increased capacity, self-reliance, and empowerment for the betterment of autistic individuals.

Being the mother of an autistic girl and boy aged 8 and 6, respectively. Josephine’s achievement in her children’s intervention is testament to the fact that parental involvement is key in the life of autistic children. Josephine is usually quick to encourage other parents of autistic children, confirming that given the requisite guidance, they have the ability to develop and coordinate effective intervention programs for their children.

She has the uncanny ability of bringing together divergent members of the autism community to share experiences, mutually solve common problems, and to improve skills of autism management.

Frida Nzisa Wathome

Frida is a co-founder of Autism Aligned Association (AAA)- a not-for-profit association, whose primary mandate is to provide a platform for empowerment of persons affected by autism. She is the mother of a 10-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum and who greatly inspired Frida to form AAA.

In her journey to tailor specific interventions for her son, Frida has built solid, research-based capacity in understanding autism and related matters. She has also created vital partnerships and alliances with Organizations and individuals (locally and abroad) involved in autism.

Frida’s motivation in this field is deeply personal and she is very passionate about advocacy and policy that will result in an environment where autism has been demystified and people affected by the same receive the right support. Frida earned her BA in Community Development with Cum Laude Honors from Daystar University. She also holds an ACCA-UK qualification.