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Bringing hope to children with Autism

Who Are We ?

We exist to demystify autism and the autistic experience. Influence the autistic person’s access to appropriate screening, diagnosis and evidence based intervention across the lifespan. Support, unite and mobilize stakeholders in their efforts to improve the quality of life for the autistic person.

Promote inclusion of the autistic person in the family, school, work, social and community setting.


To be the Leading Voice for Autism Awareness and Intervention.


To be the Credible Platform for Autism Empowerment through building


The Autism Aligned Association was inspired by the desire of parents of children with autism to disrupt the autism

Latest Activities

We work to ensure that every person from as young as 3 years old
alert to the fact that not everyone around them will think,
communicate and act like them;


Parents Empowerment

AAA held three parents’ empowerment sessions at Homeland in on 23rd March, 30th March and 6th April, 2019.

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Radio Jambo

10th April 2019 – Josephine Wambui and Frida Wathome of AAA were hosted on Radio Jambo’s popular morning show.


Pan African conference on Autism

PACA is a collaboration between organizations, professionals advocates of persons with an Autism Diagnosis across Africa.

Latest Projects

We work to build and grow autistic people and their families for
increased confidence and proficiency

Awareness Booklet

The Association has developed an awareness booklet based on a pictorial social story detailing the daily activities of an autistic child.

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Verbal Behavoiur approach

Autism Aligned Association (AAA) is dedicated to empowering special needs professional and caregivers of autistic persons.


Lighting up the UAP Tower for autism

The association partnered with UAP-old mutual group on World autism day, 2nd April 2019 to light up the UAP tower in Nairobi Kenya


We partner with legislators, like-minded agencies, and other stakeholders
to safeguard the rights, services and supports of people

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